Alberta Healthcare Data Repository

Alberta Health

Alberta Health’s top priority is to ensure that all Albertans have equal access to the best medical services available. Leading-edge research, technology, and clinical skills contribute to maintaining a high-quality health care environment in Alberta.

The health system is publicly administered and funded. Services include full or partial coverage for long-term children’s immunization, seniors’ benefits, palliative care and home care. The Ministry of Health and Wellness develops and ensures compliance with health care policy.

Project objective

To develop effective an de-identification service to remove personally identifying information from health data, enabling its safe disclosure to the Alberta Healthcare Data Repository (AHDR). The AHDR provides Alberta Health and third parties with a variety of data for health system analysis and research.


KI Design assessed the current state of AHDR de-identification services’ governance, de-identification standards, technological capacities and service provision. After that, we designed new business and technical architecture to provide an implementation roadmap that would allow AHDR to achieve its objectives.

The business architecture provided by KI Design outlined the goals and constraints of the AHDR de-identification service, the needs of its internal and external clients, and its business function model for service delivery. These variables guided recommendations for enhanced de-identification strategies and techniques to maximize data utility and facilitate data sharing. A key proposal was a hazard-based proof process, which establishes guidelines for data disclosure based on the combination of client risk and data risk.

KI Design outlined the functional requirements for the technical architecture as well as non-functional system requirements, for a de-identification application suited to AHDR’s needs. KI Design was able to tailor Privacy Analytics software to AHDR’s existing technical environment and service requirements.