Audit solution and compliance with administration regulations are driving the need for ongoing auditing. However, it becomes challenging in businesses with the types of audits which need to be conducted. Corporations are fast realising that point solutions and spreadsheet-based systems are no more suitable for managing internal audit programs.

Advanced competencies such as built-in remediation workflows, time tracking, email-based notifications and alerts, risk assessment methodologies and offline audit functionalities allow associations to implement trade best practices for efficient audit execution. It also ensures integration of the audit process with the risk and compliance management system.

Secure your audit

Inappropriate access to personal information is causing major concerns across North America. It accessed inappropriately several highly-publicized cases, hospital records and other personal files persons of interest, celebrities and politicians. Discovering privacy violations requires an effective privacy technology to automate monitor, detect potential violations and withstand scrutiny during consequent investigations.

Our Audit Solutions allow public institutions to prove their compliance to privacy regulations through external audits or through fully automated internal audits. We provide easy-to-use solutions to capture real-time access to all personal records within information schemes including Hospital Information Systems/ Electronic Medical Record systems. Audit solutions facilitate the entire process of handling a potential privacy breach, from the data collection and initial analysis to the requisite breach risk assessment and incident response management.

Audit Solutions can help your institution


When data is loaded into the auditing system then no data is shared outside the network. The auditing system runs in a virtual machine within the network.


Data mining algorithms find common connections between individual records and employees. And it links them to clinical or operational reasons for data access.

Filter Appropriate Accesses

Mining algorithms identify inappropriate or suspicious accesses for manual review by your privacy officer.