Mobilize Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Big Data to your Advantage

Ki Design has a record of proven success helping businesses to maximize the advantages of big data while strengthening privacy and security. We offer guidance and practical support for businesses seeking to boost their capacity for data analytics. We will help you to ensure your compliance with applicable legislation and make industry-leading privacy and security practices a differentiating factor for your company.

Our Business Services: If you’re in business, you’re looking to harness the power of big data and advanced analytics. Our services can help you optimize your existing infrastructure to expand access, aggregate data, and monitor new trends.

Compliance: Be assured of your company’s compliance with US, Canadian, and European legislation and standards, and be prepared for regulatory changes.

Data Liberation: Learn how to adopt big data analytics while protecting consumer data. We will help you to develop in-house de-identification or anonymization capacities so that you can mobilize data without compromising privacy.

Implementing the EU GDPR: The EU’s new data protection regulation is changing the landscape of international business. Find out how your business will be affected and how to ensure compliance.

Retailer Privacy and Cybersecurity: Data loss and theft is a critical issue for retailers. We will work with you to secure customer and employee personal data, and implement industry-benchmark levels of privacy compliance.

Secure Communications: Keep your internal communications secure with our secure cloud-based solution for voice, video, and data. Delivering a unified experience across all devices, our solution makes it easy to share with authorized users while keeping your workflows secure.