With over 17 years of experience in corporate compliance, our consultants can help your organization stay ahead of policy changes and changing industry standards.

KI Design consultants are experts in compliance with US, Canadian and European legislation and standards. Our in-depth knowledge of laws, privacy and security and technological tools enables us to provide trusted and defensible Privacy/Data Protection Impact Assessments, Threat Risk Assessments, and Identity and Access Management Standards Assessments for new and existing programs. Beyond using standard compliance checklists, we utilize a risk-based approach focused on maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing threats to privacy and security.

For over 15 years our consultants have been leading organizations through major policy and process changes, helping them to take advantage of new technologies and stay aligned with regulations and industry standards. We work with our clients to define their vision and goals for open data access and develop a viable plan to achieve them. Focused on our customers’ needs and values, we work with them to clarify their priorities, identify and manage the risks they face, and increase their organizational maturity. We help them to develop and implement effective structures for governance, business operations, and accountability.

KI Design Compliance Solutions can: