Data & Privacy Governance

Open data without the privacy risk

Take control of your organization’s future in data

Using a variety of proven tools and methodologies, our seasoned experts in big data governance help organizations to design and implement comprehensive privacy and security risk management programs to support open data initiatives.

Good governance encompasses a strong knowledge base, consistent procedures and transparent management decision-making. We help our partners to design data management frameworks based on the evolving needs of data owners and consumers, and to develop the skills and internal capabilities required to deal with big data technologies. We can teach you how to manage risks related to the big data life cycle, and set achievable goals for big data volumes, variety, velocity and veracity.

Many of our partners want to develop open data initiatives. Access to open data is important to a broad range of stakeholders: executive management and boards, business operations, and risk professionals. Open data is often highly valuable to customer-facing departments like sales and marketing as well. Our professionals offer extensive experience designing open data initiatives. We will help you to implement the process flows and extraction/normalization capabilities needed to consolidate and interpret big data. Our guidance ensures that your organization has the right talent and processes to shift towards data-driven decisions.

We develop comprehensive data governance solutions: