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KI Design specializes in helping organizations mobilize and protect personal data assets. Technological innovation is transforming every aspect of the management of personal data: analytics, communications, and performance management, as well as privacy and cyber security. KI Design consultants work collaboratively with your team to select or develop innovative data solutions that give you a competitive edge, save future costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Effective management of the privacy and security risks of big data is essential for organizations to achieve their strategic goals and fulfill regulatory requirements. Needless to say, an enterprise privacy and security program is essential to organizations that manage large amounts of personal data. These programs can help to ensure the responsible collection, management, use, and disclosure of personal information, in compliance with governmental regulations. Over the past fifteen years, KI Design has helped numerous government organizations, health and public health organizations, and private companies to define privacy policy aligned with legal requirements and best practices, and to design comprehensive programs to ensure that these policies are implemented. Our experts are well equipped to help organizations optimally develop the following areas:

KI Design specializes in developing privacy and security for multifaceted service environments, such as multi-organizational and multi-jurisdictional data initiatives. We work together with our clients to select or develop innovative products/software that will best suit their organization’s unique characteristics, goals, mission and infrastructure. We strive to give our clients a competitive edge, by selecting products that save future costs and enhance their processes. By implementing a continuous, proactive and systematic privacy and security program to manage data risks, your company can make the most of big data analytics.