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At Ki Design, we are committed to helping you optimally use big data, in a protected and effective way. One of the ways in which we do so is by developing innovative products and working together with ground-breaking partners to offer numerous advanced software solutions. These software solutions can also allow for better compliance with regulations and legislation. Our products are suitable for large and small organizations, to help you use big data to enhance your productivity, innovation, and growth. Access to data is critical—companies need software that can integrate information from multiple data sources to provide useful new insights.

Our customizable software products include:

KI Anonymized Analytics

Unlike software that simply de-identifies data, KI Anonymized Analytics converts identifying data into analytics, allowing you to transfer insights instead of identities.

KI Anonymized Analytics offers solutions for both structured and unstructured data spaces. Rather than producing de-identified data, the solution provides and responds to analytics queries. Its first step is to remove personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous. What we offer is a technology that offers the insights of data analytics without revealing personally identifiable information. We enable our clients to transfer information across boundaries, including those between agency departments or between agencies.

KI Anonymized Analytics also enables secondary data use. It gives secondary-use analysts access to the insights they need without giving access to the data itself. KI Anonymized Analytics offers a management dashboard that allows the data custodian to control all aspects of secondary use. At the same time, our processes reduce the risk of unintended disclosure, and keep you connected and empowered to make the most of your data across environments.

KI Communicator

The KI Secure Communicator is a secure communications software system that delivers a unified experience at every level of your organization, including across devices, mobile, desktop and beyond.

The KIC solution provides a robust framework for providing secure communications, geolocation, and alarms, on top of tunneled connectivity. This technology has been operating in Europe for several years, and is now available in North America through KI Design. The application was designed and built based on telecommunication standards and interoperability with business applications. The application secures email across all devices, supports encryption of voice and video calls, and provides the ability to exchange files securely.

Ki Audit Solution

Inappropriate access to personal information is causing major concerns across North America. In several highly publicized cases, hospital records and other personal files have been accessed inappropriately in connection with persons of interest, celebrities, and politicians. Discovering privacy violations requires an effective privacy technology to automate, monitor, detect potential violations, and withstand scrutiny during subsequent investigations.

Our Audit Solutions allow public institutions to prove their compliance to privacy regulations through external audits or through fully automated internal audits. We provide easy-to-use solutions to capture real-time access to all personal records within information systems including Hospital Information Systems/ Electronic Medical Record systems. Audit solutions facilitate the entire process of handling a potential privacy breach, from the data collection and initial analysis to the requisite breach risk assessment and incident response management.

Ki Audit Solution allows you to:

  • Load Data: Data is loaded into the auditing system. Since the auditing system runs in a virtual machine within the network, no data is shared outside the network.
  • Mine Explanations: Data mining algorithms find common connections between individual records and employees, and link them to clinical or operational reasons for data access.
  • Filter Appropriate Accesses: Mining algorithms identify inappropriate or suspicious accesses for manual review by your privacy officer


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Policy Generator

Our Policy Generator enables users to create a streamlined, customized document ready to be published on their website. The Generator questions users about their organization and its practices, as well as disclaimers for visitors and customers, and delivers a customized policy based on the answers provided. Give visitors and customers clear and concise information on data storage, safeguards, and terms and conditions.

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