Justice System Information Management

Integrating privacy requirements into information system design makes privacy compliance easier in justice systems.

Ethical and legal obligations compel every professional in the justice system to protect privacy interests when sharing law enforcement information. Today’s security context demands enhanced information sharing but also highlights the crucial importance of privacy protection. The ease of digital access to large volumes of information now makes analysis of privacy obligations a more complex process. Nonetheless, our current laws and customs provide the underlying foundations for applicable privacy policy. Constitutions, statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, and common-law requirements still control the collection and sharing of information within the justice system. What is new is the need for the justice system to articulate rules for information collection and disclosure in a manner that translates into system requirements for system developers and information managers.

Dr. Wael Hassan, an expert in the analysis of governance language, offers practice-based guidance on how to write policies that are easily understandable, relevant to context, and simple to implement and enforce. His particular area of expertise is in translating policies into information system design, making it possible to support and validate legal compliance through automated controls and monitoring. KI Design is uniquely positioned to offer consultation to justice and law enforcement bodies navigating new technological realities for information sharing. We can help to translate privacy policy into appropriate information management across organizations and systems.