OCR HIPAA Audit Management

OCR HIPAA Audit Management

A Ki Design consultant can guide you through every step of the HIPAA audit process:

  • Navigating the HIPAA audit protocol
  • Understanding privacy compliance from a legal perspective
  • Ensuring proper HIPAA compliance documentation is in place
  • Formulating action plans to secure protected health information
  • Interpreting audit findings and implementing necessary mitigation plans

Why The OCR Office Is Auditing Covered Entities

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR HIPAA) has plans to conduct approximately 200 audits of HIPAA-covered entities and their business associates, targeting areas of frequent compliance failures such as the Security Rule’s risk analysis requirement. The rise of major health data breaches and ransomware attacks has put the health IT industry in a difficult position; privacy practices need to go well beyond backburner policies. The Department of Health and Human Services has published an intensive audit protocol. This protocol details the Privacy Rule, Security and Breach Notification requirements to be assessed over the course of the HIPAA audits.

KI Design Audit Support Services

KI Design is pleased to announce the KI Audit Support Service for clients undergoing an HIPAA audit. We can help healthcare organizations and their staff understand what the rules are, ensure proper documentation to prove HIPAA-compliant status, and even more importantly, to take steps to secure protected health information (PHI). Our service will help clients navigate and interpret the complex HIPAA and HITECH regulations and reduce stress on internal employees. While larger hospitals have dedicated budgets and resources for privacy and security compliance, many mid-sized and smaller businesses try to incorporate compliance into existing operations. The complexity of HIPAA rules and requirements make this approach difficult. Knowledge of responsibility and accountability rules is not widespread or well defined. This is where the KI Audit Support Service steps in; with a team of experts and over 15 years of international experience in the privacy compliance industry, KI Design has the resources, knowledge, and expertise to assist organizations faced with the possibility of a top-to-bottom privacy compliance audit that could lead to costly mitigation plans.