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Predictive Audit Analytics

Inappropriate access to personal information is causing major concerns for health institutions across North America. Hospitals and health information custodians require an effective privacy technology to automate, monitor, and detect potential privacy violations. Auditing methods need to be able to withstand scrutiny during subsequent investigations.

KI Predictive Audit Analytics allow public institutions to prove their compliance to privacy regulations through external audits or fully automated internal audits. We provide periodic EMR/EHR audit reports using patented machine-learning algorithms to detect inappropriate accesses to personal records within hospitals’ medical record and information systems.

Using KI Predictive Audit Analytics, privacy officers receive regular reports to streamline the entire process of detecting and handling a potential privacy breach, from the data collection and initial analysis to the necessary risk assessment and incident response management.

Audit Support

Our audit support offers assurance that board-approved audit directives will be implemented effectively. We can help to simplify and better organize the workflow and collaboration process of auditing. Most audit teams rely heavily on email and shared drives for sharing information, and use general tools for tasks such as submitting client requests and setting follow-up reminders. Investing in the right software can help save time, reduce errors and save on resources.

Our audit consultants are qualified to oversee internal/external audit staff, establish audit programs, and if necessary, hire and train appropriate audit staff. We can teach audit staff to identify inherent operational risks and evaluate the overall efficiency of controls in place.