Privacy in Design Business Training

Privacy in Design Business Training

Learn how to implement privacy regulations and best practices in your context, and make the most of your data

Custom corporate training – Selection of two-hour modules – Interactive webinar format

This training is for:

  • Leaders looking to develop privacy strategy for their organizations
  • Chief Information Officers and Chief Data Officers looking to improve data lifecycle management practices and mobilize data assets
  • Privacy Officers seeking practical guidance on how to build an effective enterprise privacy program

This training will deliver:

  1. A solid understanding of Canadian privacy principles and best practices for their implementation
  2. Knowledge of your organization’s legal compliance requirements
  3. A roadmap for development of an enterprise privacy program for your organization
  4. Awareness of privacy-enhancing technologies, including de-identification and anonymization tools, and their business implementation
  5. Insight into innovative privacy strategies for big data environments

Training Program

KI Design is proud to offer custom training tailored to our clients’ needs. Build your own training course by selecting from the following modules:

Getting Your Organization on Board with Privacy

Review key privacy concepts, discuss how to promote effective communication and collaboration around privacy, and explore how a culture of privacy can equip your organization to mitigate risks and realize a return on investment

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Privacy Protection

  1. Navigating Canada’s privacy landscape: Understand Canada’s framework of privacy laws and how they apply to your organization
  2. What you need to know about US and EU privacy regulation: Understand how US and EU privacy regulations may affect your organization

Bringing Your Organization into Best-Practices Privacy Compliance

Examine the development of a mature privacy program, including governance, policy development, data lifecycle management, and prevention and response to data breaches

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

  1. Adopting privacy-enhancing technologies: Explore how privacy-enhancing technologies including data inference tracking, de-identification and anonymization tools, legal compliance mapping tools, and audit predictive analytics can mitigate privacy risks and help demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  2. De-identification and anonymization of personal information:Learn how de-identification and anonymization can protect privacy and liberate data, and explore options for implementation in your context

Privacy and Big Data

  1. Managing the risks and seizing the opportunities of big data: Explore how big data operates, how data analytics can benefit your organization, and how to develop a big data strategy for your context
  2. Big privacy for big data: Understand the privacy risks of big data/AI systems and explore how privacy can be integrated into system design
  3. Ethical AI adoption: Understand the privacy risks of big data/AI systems, apply a privacy lens to technology procurement, and explore privacy best practices for AI implementation