Privacy in Design Technical Training

Learn how to integrate privacy protections into software design, and make the most of your data

Custom corporate training – Four two-hour sessions – Interactive webinar format

This training is for:

  • Software developers seeking to learn how to integrate privacy tools into application design
  • Data security professionals looking to integrate privacy tools into product security

This training will deliver:

  • Hands-on, practical experience applying a Privacy in Design framework for software development
  • Understanding of privacy-enabling technologies and their integration into software design
  • Tools for assessing technical compliance with privacy principles and including privacy as a quality assurance metric

Training Program

Session 1: Introduction to Privacy in Design Development

Explore privacy-enabling technologies, including digital rights management, encryption, privacy rules within application programs, and identity management. Define key elements of privacy engineering development: enterprise goals, privacy policy, privacy requirements, privacy procedures and processes, privacy mechanisms, privacy awareness and readiness preparation, and quality assurance.

Session 2: Privacy in Design Methodology

Define Privacy in Design specifications and learn how to implement privacy as a quality assurance metric.

Sessions 3 & 4: Hands-on Case Study

Participants will work in small groups to apply Privacy in Design methods to a case study relevant to your organization. Participants create a development framework, including:

  1. Project initiation and scoping
  2. Developing use cases and data models
  3. Privacy services design

Participants will design a service, develop specifications, and assess compliance with privacy principles.