Privacy & Security Innovation Program Design

Security Innovation

Security serves innovation at KI Design. Our team embraces new technologies and strives to make each project successful through the application of our wide base of technical knowledge and skill. Clients benefit from KI Design’s continuous research and technological development, and know us to be at the ‘cutting edge’. Our advice and guidance are essential in helping customers to make the right decisions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s requirements. Our attention to detail, at every level, is expected and relied upon.

We believe that our personable, human approach enables us to offer genuinely innovative thinking to our clients.

Cultivating strong working partnerships means that we can assert our individuality as an independent company. We believe that our freedom to devise bespoke, best-fit solutions differentiates us from larger competitors.

Project Objective

Develop a legislative report analyzing policies, concerns, and relevant practical barriers pertaining to new applications supporting patient access to personal health information


KI Design supported an innovation hub in the development of a privacy and security program to facilitate a local health research network’s collaborative programs.

We offered our tailored information, access, and privacy services following the Privacy in Design method, focusing on issues most relevant to the organization. We provided privacy expertise, recommendations, and practical implementation tools to resolve privacy concerns and highlight relevant issues at the nexus of policy and privacy.

Our final report included a review identifying privacy, security, and access concerns for Ontario patients, including those that arose from legal or policy barriers, and those stemming from other practical barriers.