Public Sector IT Strategy

What is IT Strategy?

IT Strategy sets objectives, principles, and strategies for the use of information technologies within an organization. Such strategies primarily focus on the use of technologies, and in some cases on the people who directly manage those technologies. Strategies may be implicit in an organization’s patterns of decisions about technologies, or may be articulated in an explicit plan.

Technology-related strategies often focus on: the efficiency of the company’s spending on technology; how staff and customers exploit technologies in ways that create value for the organization; and on the full integration of technology-related decisions with the company’s strategies and operating plans.

IT strategy explains technology utilization as part of an organization’s overall corporate strategy and each business strategy. The strategy is usually formulated by representatives from both business and IT branches.

KI Design IT Strategy & Planning

Can your organization sustain its desired performance results in a shifting IT landscape?

Technological change is often perceived as a burden rather than an opportunity within the culture of the public sector. We want to change that. Our IT professionals focus on enabling your organization to achieve and sustain desired operational goals and performance results. Our consultants help to improve operations through sustainable IT capabilities and infrastructure, and through the creation of effective IT strategic & operational plans. We work with you to envision how technologies can support your organization’s values and goals.

We also support the ongoing development and implementation of performance management and measurement. Our Strategy & Operations practice includes a focus on operational efficiency, effectiveness, and process improvement. Our process improvement services effectively integrate concepts in control assurance, balancing the need for efficiency with the implementation of key controls to reduce risk.

Ki Design IT Strategy Services include: