Retailer Privacy and Cybersecurity Management

Improving Cybersecurity Management in Retail

Cybersecurity Management is a crucial issue for retailers that manage sensitive customer and employee personal information, including credit card details, rewards program data, and payroll. For a company to grow into full privacy maturity, privacy governance needs to take place on a number of levels. These include ensuring that:

Support for Implementing Industry Best Practices

Compliance: Your company’s capacity to ensure compliance with laws and standards

Governance: Privacy governance across the organization, including roles, overall framework, and risk management

Consent: Manage client consent and notifications in line with legal obligations

Standardized IT Solutions: Get secure IT solutions that will expand your business and improve customer experience. We can help you with needs analysis, solution design, implementation, quality assurance, and change controls.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Evaluation

Identifying and mitigating risks in an organization requires expertise, vigilance, and commitment. It is easy to become preoccupied with day-to-day issues and overlook the privacy and security obligations your company has to its customers and employees. KI Design works with clients to identify and analyze operational gaps and navigate the legal and technological landscape for privacy and retailers.

Our evaluations cover

  1. Privacy compliance obligations for boards and executives
  2. Legal privacy obligations and best practices for consumer data
  3. Industry trends and their impact on the organization
  4. Updating or adopting new technologies to protect consumer data
  5. Analysis of practices for managing employee privacy
  6. Ensuring privacy and security compliance throughout the organization

KI Design’s Practical Guide to Data Privacy and Security for Retailers.