Sentiment Analysis

KI Design sentiment analysis goes well beyond the positive/negative binary to analyze elements such as purchase intent, customer satisfaction, product reviews and other context-specific categories. Our platform includes various modules that allow our research analysts to aggregate and monitor content across various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, forums, news, comments, reviews, and more. Our tool combines data intelligence from reputable sources and enables the configuration of keyword monitoring, feeds, and much more. We enable you to listen to your target audiences’ sentiment and opinions, so you can react and respond accordingly.

With various innovative technologies and experts in compliance with US, Canadian, and European legislation and privacy standards, KI Design is able to provide trusted and innovative solutions for social media monitoring. Our data repository contains over a trillion posts across platforms dating back to 2008, giving us a perfect sandbox to develop automatic sentiment analysis strategies for real time social media and web coverage. We design solutions to enable access to protected data. Mobilize your existing, structured consumer data holdings to monitor sales and service trends. Discover the potential value of data sources by identifying relevant variables. Mobilize data assets to determine predictors of consumer behaviour and more accurately forecast future trends, patterns, and cycles. Combine data from a variety of sources, including point of sale, web analytics, social media, and publicly available statistical data, to better understand consumer demographics and preferences.