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Data Innovation Factory

Unleashing Practical Solutions for Industry Challenges: From Concept to Reality

KI Design Innovation


Our data solutions deliver critical insights for agile organizations. Our applications are easily implemented off-the-shelf, but are also fully customizable.

Generative AI Experience

We offer a diverse range of services designed to help our clients unlock the full potential of generative AI. Our team of experts specializes in developing bespoke solutions using ChatGPT API, Whisper API, and Google's generative AI solutions, tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

KI Data

Transform your communication strategy with KI Data! Our media & data analytics platform integrates data from multiple sources for in-depth public perception & reputation insights. Custom reports & features tailored for government, industry & nonprofit clients

KI Smart Audit

KI Smart Audit is a smart auditing offering that helps hospitals detect and prevent illegitimate access to protected health information (PHI). The service provides real-time visibility into who is accessing PHI and how, and offers insights and recommendations to help secure and improve privacy processes.

PrivaDoc Smart Assessments 

A smart assessment engine that is able to help you conduct privacy assessments . PrivaDoc makes it easier for organizations to comply with privacy regulations and protect the personal information of their customers and employees.