Privacy in Design for Developers

Custom Corporate Training

Four Two-Hour Sessions

Interactive Webinar Format

What You'll Gain


Hands-on, practical experience applying a Privacy in Design framework for software development


Understanding of privacy-enabling technologies and their integration into software design


Tools for assessing technical compliance with privacy principles and including privacy as a quality assurance metric

Course Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Privacy in Design Development

Explore privacy-enabling technologies, including digital rights management, encryption, privacy rules within application programs, and identity management. Define key elements of privacy engineering development: enterprise goals, privacy policy, privacy requirements, privacy procedures and processes, privacy mechanisms, privacy awareness and readiness preparation, and quality assurance.

Session 2: Privacy in Design Methodology

Learn our Privacy in Design process for development: architecture design, specifications and compliance review. Explore how to implement privacy as a quality assurance metric.

Sessions 3 & 4: Hands-on Case Study

Participants will work in small groups to apply Privacy in Design methods to a case study relevant to your organization. Participants create a development framework, including: a) Project initiation and scoping, b) Developing use cases and data models, and c) Privacy services design . Participants will design a service, develop specifications, and assess compliance with privacy principles.

Instructor Bio

Waël Hassan, PhD

Dr. Waël Hassan is one of North America’s leading advisors in the fields of data analysis, privacy compliance, and data management. Waël has been working in the field of data science and privacy for over twenty years, and holds the first Canadian PhD in validation of legal compliance.

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    What is Privacy by Design?

    Privacy by Design is a development framework that focuses on proactively embedding privacy into the systems you design. 

    Who created Privacy by Design?

    Privacy by Design was developed by Ann Cavoukian, the former Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada.

    How will Privacy by Design help our developers?

    Making software compliant with privacy policies retroactively can be quite difficult. A superior approach is to instead design software with privacy in mind, allowing for greater ease and effectiveness if enforcing your privacy policy.

    Can this training be taken in different formats?

    The Privacy in Design for Developers training is offered both as four two-hour sessions and as a full-day training course.