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About KI Design

KI Design is a specialized Canadian company that has been successfully providing privacy & security advisory, data analytics, and public sector digital transformation consulting services since 2001. We at KI Design continue to develop and perfect our data analytics solutions by working with organizations across various sectors, including government, healthcare, education, retail, and energy.  

Our work with multiple government departments and agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations has helped us understand that while many of these organizations can benefit from AI and data analytics technologies, few have the capacity to implement them using existing in-house resources and expertise. We help organizations to build their capacity to take advantage of data insights, while also managing personal data responsibly in order to protect public trust.

Our staff has specific and recent experience in compliance and assurance, big data, data protection and information policy, business architecture, web engineering, and project management.

Contact email: solutions@kidesign.io

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