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Broadcast Media Monitoring


KI Design provides international broadcast media monitoring including a television, radio, and podcast monitoring platform that enables its users to search, view, report on, analyze, and archive Canadian, US, and international media content.  

We provide licensed, proprietary, web-based speech-to-text and advanced audio/video search software to monitor the broadcast media.

KI Data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


KI Data has access to one of the largest media source libraries in North America. In Canada alone, we have access to multiple national and regional radio stations and TV stations broadcasting in French or English, providing high-quality content.  

Our platform includes a built-in translator; users can analyse data sources in multiple languages, and obtain results in English or French. 


KI Data will deliver human-curated or automated summaries, in accordance with clients’ requirements. Summaries will be close-captioned as needed. 


KI Data has the ability to provide real-time or scheduled alerts based on triggers or metrics. Users can configure alerts that are based on real-time data matching certain criteria, as well as setting a daily alert schedule. Alerts can be delivered as notifications inside the platform, or via email to desktop or mobile devices. 


KI Data allows users to setup and save multiple topics containing an extensive number of search terms to monitor content. Users can manage and modify their own search terms; simple or advanced Boolean logic may be used if desired.