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Customer Analytics

Sharing Customer Journey Insights via customer analytics

KI Design offers customer analytics solutions that enable businesses to take advantage of AI to analyze data from online and offline sources and gain deeper insights into customer behaviour.

Available as a set of tools, KI Design Customer Journey Analytics service extends analytics capabilities based on our KI Data platform, which combines data from multiple sources to track online engagement.

KI Design provides an omnichannel approach to following a customer’s journey, which is becoming increasingly critical as customers begin to return to retail outlets after the most acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Combining Social Media Data with Sales Data in an Open Analytics Platform

KI Data Customer Journey Analytics provides a unified view of a complete customer journey using real-time analytics dashboards accessible from anywhere on any device, including through a mobile application.

This approach aims to open up access to the advanced analytics enabled by the KI Data platform so that businesses can take advantage of instantaneous AI insights. Alerts generated by KI Data Analytics will automatically signal customer experience patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Traditional query-based analytics depend on end users asking the right questions. KI Data Analytics helps businesses identify issues they may not have known to look for.

Actionable Data Science

The goal is to make it easier for organizations to track and analyze customer behaviour, thus expanding many organizations’ view into online customer behaviour to include offline activities such as the number of times they visit a mall. Customers may never return to outlets in the same proportions as before the pandemic, but it’s also clear that many have become more adept at switching back and forth between an online app and a physical experience. It’s not uncommon these days for shoppers to use a mobile app at a retail outlet to check, for example, stock availability before deciding to make a purchase now in store or later online.

Business leaders want to be able to identify and track different types of customer journeys in near real time. KI Design offers both automated analytics and data science services to deliver these insights. The challenge and the opportunity now is to enable this as smoothly as possible.