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Ethno-specific Media Monitoring

KI Design has full access to all media content from authoritative global sources. Our media sources include international, national, regional, and local media coverage in multiple languages. Our coverage of Canadian multilingual and ethno-specific media includes dozens of daily, weekly and community newspapers and magazines, as well as dozens of radio stations and 15+ television channels. All news is sourced digitally and delivered via a continuous feed. 

We can add to our coverage any publicly-available website, online news source, or forum requested by a client, as well as any publicly-available social media pages. The quality of the sources is pre-analyzed within our KI Data platform. The platform provides high-quality two-way automated translations between 175 global languages. 

KI Data offers users the ability to monitor media sources in multiple languages, using multilingual queries, and provide data analysis reports translated into English and French. 

Our KI Data platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

Language Capacities 

One of the unique features of our bilingual platform is that it is language agnostic, meaning that it can analyze any language in which AI tools have been trained to recognize textual patterns. KI Data empowers users to conduct analyses using data in 175 languages and obtain insightful results in French or English. Users can select language as a filter to search for news in a particular language, or to compare the volume, tone, etc. of news in different languages. KI Data supports AI-based sentiment analysis in 26 languages, identifying news items as positive, negative or neutral in tone.

Media Analysis & Translation Services

KI Design’s multicultural media analysis team includes personnel proficient in multiple languages who are skilled in reporting on the content, tone and themes of ethno-specific media. Our network of independent translators can provide professional translations of news articles and broadcast transcripts on request.

Geographical Analysis

With KI Data, users can identify and visualize geographic regions and countries from which the social media and open-source data was published. Users can filter media content by geographical region and compare different regions by volume and sources of content.

Users can select from the following geolocations:  

  • Country,
  • Continent or global region,
  • Canadian province or territory,
  • Canadian locales (cities or towns),
  • US state,
  • Global metropolitan city, and 
  • Specific latitude and longitude