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Justification Based Auditing

Justification-based audit is a feature of the KI Audit Service that focuses on identifying and evaluating the reasons or justification behind various accesses to patient records. The service monitors and analyzes access to patient records and compares the access against predefined rules and policies. If an access is identified as unusual or suspicious, the KI Audit Service will prompt the user for a justification. The justification is then evaluated against predefined criteria to determine whether the access is legitimate or not. If the justification provided for an access is not deemed legitimate, the access is flagged to the privacy officer for review and determination on how to proceed, whether it’s to open an incident for further investigation, accept the access as legitimate, or in some cases, ignore the alert if it is determined that it is not an actual violation of privacy. This feature provides an additional layer of security and helps to ensure that patient information is protected and that access to patient records is compliant with regulations and industry standards.