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KI Audit Service Overview

Welcome to KI Audit, the automated auditing service from KI Design. Our service uses advanced predictive analytics to detect potential breaches of privacy by hospital employees, in compliance with PHIPA regulations in Ontario, Canada. Our system is designed to analyze large amounts of data and use that information to predict potential breaches, giving hospitals a proactive way to protect patient information.

KI Audit is being used in many hospitals in Ontario, particularly Mackenzie Health Smart Hospital, Markham Stoufville Hospital, Michael Garron Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hamilton Healthcare, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences, and at the Ottawa Hospital. These hospitals have implemented our service to ensure that their sensitive patient information is being protected and that any potential breaches are caught and dealt with quickly.
Our automated service is designed to integrate with EPIC Electronic Medical Record systems, making it easy for hospitals to use and access. With KI Audit, you can rest assured that your hospital’s sensitive patient information is being protected, and that any potential breaches are caught and dealt with quickly.
One of the key features of KI Audit is its ability to detect potential breaches of privacy before they occur, which helps to minimize the risk of data loss and ensure that your hospital is in compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, our automated service can help you to identify and rectify any issues that may already exist within your hospital’s privacy protocols.
We also added the capability of detecting drug diversion, as we recognize that it is a serious issue, with KI Audit you will be able to monitor drug usage in real-time and identify any suspicious activity that could indicate drug diversion.
Another important feature that we added is the ability to monitor and detect occupational physician fatigue, which is a crucial aspect for hospitals to ensure the quality of care provided to patients, as well as the safety of healthcare workers.
KI Audit is also backed by a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, ensuring that our automated service can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster. We take the security and reliability of our service very seriously, and we have implemented strict security protocols to safeguard our system and data against unauthorized access, ensuring that our customers’ sensitive information remains protected at all times.
Overall, KI Audit is an efficient automated service for any hospital looking to protect patient information, stay compliant with industry regulations, detect drug diversion and monitor physician fatigue. We invite you to learn more about our service and its use of predictive analytics, and contact us to see how we can help protect your hospital’s sensitive patient information.