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Media Monitoring and Analysis


KI Design has full access to all media content from authoritative global sources to provide Media Monitoring and Analysis . Our media sources include international, national, regional, and local media coverage, in English and French, and other languages as required.

Our wide range of news outlets includes online, print, and broadcast publications, including major daily newspapers, regional newspapers, weekly and community newspapers (including paywalled content), specialised magazines, academic and trade journals, as well as radio, television, Internet, and international media sources as required. All news is sourced digitally and the news feed is delivered continuously. 

KI Design offers its clients:  

  • Analysis of media coverage of topics of interest. Our media analysis team works with clients to understand your interests and capture all relevant news. We can provide reports daily, weekly, monthly, or as requested.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the media’s coverage of relevant issues over a specified period of time. 


Our media summary reports analyze current media coverage in relation to a client’s topics of interest. We can provide:

  • Objective data in relation to the quantity, scope, type, tone, frequency and balance of media coverage in relation to specific stories/issues. 
  • Media relations reports on our client’s presence/position in media coverage.  
  • A searchable, updated, and targeted list of media contacts and influencers.

KI Data allows users to analyze news content and themes as well as location and frequency of media coverage. Our platform provides the following details and metrics for news items:

  • Headline
  • Text excerpt with link to full text
  • News media type (TV/radio/print) and source/publication
  • Date and time of publication
  • Author 
  • Location
  • Topics 
  • Sentiment, emotions, and share of voice 
  • Language of publication
  • Reach and impact 


In-depth media research reports can include the following: 

  • Client messages and media lines being picked up by media  
  • The prominence of our client’s message on specified issues 
  • The elements of client program messages that are being emphasized, ignored or misrepresented by media 
  • The elements of relevant stories that are receiving the most attention 
  • How media coverage of an issue differs between national, regional, and local media 
  • Brief summaries of relevant news stories 
  • How other stakeholder organizations (outside of the media) are responding to a story 
  • How the story is being interpreted by editorial writers and commentators 
  • Whether any difference exists between how the issue is presented in French and English media 
  • Top quoted individuals and influencers 
  • Type, sources, geographical distribution and frequency of media coverage 
  • Sentiment and emotional tone of coverage


Our platform interface is bilingual, and results can be translated automatically from 175 global languages into English or French.


KI Data can provide real-time alerts based on criteria such as a significant increase in mentions of your organization or a change in the tone of mentions. Alerts can be delivered as notifications inside the platform, or be emailed to desktop or mobile devices.

Users can also schedule regular automated reports that deliver relevant news items, as well as graphs and charts analyzing the volume, sources, topics, and tone of news related to areas of interest. Reports can be delivered through the web as a live report with visuals and content embedded, or downloadable using common formats.


KI Data allows users to set up and save multiple topics containing an extensive number of search terms to monitor content. Users can manage and modify their own search terms, using a simple interface or advanced Boolean logic if desired.