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Product Analytics

Product Analytics is a process where Customers express their opinions about products in many online spaces, including social media platforms, website comments, review sites, and forums. Making use of this unstructured data, however, can be a challenge. KI Design’s data science team, using our KI Data platform’s AI-based analytical tools, can provide insights into:

  • The overall tone of online conversation about your products (positive, neutral, and negative)
  • What people like and don’t like about your company and products
  • Influential advocates and critics who shape opinion about your products
  • The reach and impact of your advertising campaigns
  • Public perception of your competitors and effectiveness of their advertising strategies

In addition, our KI Data platform can help you to track public commentary on your products, gauge the impact of specific posts and comments, and respond quickly to comments and questions directed to your company. KI Data delivers the intelligence you need to engage effectively in online conversations.