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Social Media Monitoring & Analysis


With near real-time access to over a trillion social media posts and thousands of print and broadcast news sources, national and global, KI Design offers clients access to the largest content repository in Canada. With advanced AI-based analytics tools and expert data science services, we deliver insights into:

  • Public perceptions and reputation
  • Competitor reputation
  • Campaign performance
  • Audience interests and demographics
  • Trending topics and conversations
  • Performance benchmarking

We provide: 

  • Customized Data: Our AI-driven tools provide tailored reports and dashboards via a web-based platform.  
  • Simple Search Capability: Our search function enables users to perform Google-like searches for keywords, hashtags and social media handles. 
  • Advanced Boolean Logic Search Capability: Advanced users can leverage dozens of logical operators to create complex and powerful queries; our data science team can also work with clients to develop custom queries.
  • Tailored Reports: Professional-grade reports are tailored to client preferences, exposing data and visualizations relevant to client use cases. 
  • Near Real-time Content: Up-to-date results accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

KI Data supports the creation of an unlimited number of dashboards and reports, which are shareable via email and exportable in common formats. 


KI Data monitors: 

  • all publicly-available social media (including Twitter full-fire hose content, and Facebook/Instagram pages)
  • online news sources,  
  • YouTube and other media-sharing websites (videos, photos, and user-generated content),  
  • blogs and micro-blogs, such as Tumblr,  
  • Reddit and other forums,  
  • message boards,  
  • consumer review websites.  

Our KI Data platform provides access to a full suite of social media and open data sources, including any platforms and content that have been indexed by Google. As new content is created, published, and indexed by Google, KI Data’s vast repository is perpetually expanding, and the list of our monitored content sources is constantly growing. Our monitoring and reporting services have a global scope, with access to sources from Canada and the rest of the world.  


KI Data gives users a full range of social media metrics, including (but not limited to):  

  • volume and frequency of posts on specified topics
  • views/impressions
  • trends by topic  
  • followers 
  • geographical location of posts
  • content reach  
  • content impact 
  • media source and type  
  • authors 
  • influencers 
  • tone (sentiment and emotion – see below) 
  • demographic information (age and gender, for example) 
  • nature and extent of audience engagement


With high-quality automatic translation, KI Data empowers users to access content in 175 global languages and obtain insightful results in French or English. The platform interface can be switched between English and French. The platform allows users to filter results by language and compare the volume, sources, tone and influence of content in different languages.


Sentiment analysis based on natural language processing tools identifies the tone of posts (positive, negative or neutral), allowing users to break down conversations by sentiment and zero in on the issues that shape public perception. This feature is available in multiple languages. 

KI Data can also track and analyse emotion. Users can go beyond basic positive and negative sentiment to identify underlying feelings such as joy, anger, and fear, and to measure the impact of these emotions within conversations.


KI Data can provide real-time alerts based on triggers such as a significant increase in mentions of your organization or a change in the tone of mentions. Alerts can be delivered as notifications inside the platform, or be emailed to desktop or mobile devices.

Users can also schedule regular automated reports that deliver relevant content, as well as graphs and charts analyzing the volume, sources, topics, and tone of relevant conversations. Reports can be delivered through the web as a live report with visuals and content embedded, or downloadable using common formats.


KI Data allows users to set up and save multiple queries containing an extensive number of search terms to monitor content. Users can manage and modify their own search terms, using a simple interface or advanced Boolean logic if desired.


KI Data offers users the ability to save and download search results in common data formats.