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KI Design can provide clients with the following services: 

  • Transcription:  
    • High quality audio and video transcripts, verbatim or closed-caption depending on the client’s requirements.  
    • Translation of transcripts. 
  • Audio: Converting audio of online interviews and conferences, YouTube videos, etc. to text, synced to the original media with a time stamp. 
  • Video: Video transcription with some additional options, such as closed captioning and subtitling. 


KI Data has access to one of the largest media source libraries in North America. In Canada alone, we have access to multiple national and regional radio stations and TV stations broadcasting in French or English, providing high-quality content. We can provide transcripts (verbatim and/or closed caption) and audio and video clips from all these sources. 

KI Design follows a three-step process: 

  1. The video and audio clips are sourced, based on required query or search terms.  
  2. KI Data provides the transcripts, using verbatim and closed captioning methods. 
  3. KI Design staff will curate, review, and perform quality assurance, create summaries, and answer any questions that the client department may have about trends, tone, or sentiment within the video or audio. Staff can also examine any related public commentary regarding the audio or video clip.