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Google Pauses Gemini’s Image Tool Amid Backlash Over Representation

Google has announced a temporary halt to its Gemini AI model’s ability to generate images of people following criticism over its failure to depict white individuals adequately.

The tech giant responded to user feedback after images generated by Gemini predominantly featured people of color, raising concerns about representation and accuracy. Scenes from history depicted in the images often excluded white individuals, prompting widespread mockery and criticism on social media platforms.


In a statement, Google acknowledged the shortcomings of Gemini’s image generation feature, stating, “While Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people, it’s missing the mark here.” The company affirmed its commitment to addressing the recent issues and pledged to release an improved version of the tool soon.

The controversy surrounding Gemini’s depiction of people underscores broader concerns about AI models overlooking diversity and perpetuating stereotypes. Similar criticisms have been directed at other AI models in the past, highlighting the importance of inclusive and accurate representation in technology.

Google’s decision to pause the image generation feature reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to address feedback and improve the performance of its AI products. The move comes amid Google’s endeavors to compete with other tech giants in the AI space, including OpenAI, whose ChatGPT model gained traction in 2022.

While setbacks in AI development are not uncommon, Google remains committed to enhancing its AI capabilities and delivering reliable and accurate results to users worldwide.

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